Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Vacuuming your carpet might make it look better, but it doesn’t get rid of the dirt, mites and allergens lurking beneath the surface. Excel Floor Care can tackle your carpet and upholstery cleaning with ease.

Trust us to clean your carpet flooring using a steam cleaning technique. We’ll pretreat your floors with non-toxic chemicals, agitate them to shake the debris loose and steam clean to make them look brand-new. We can clean carpet flooring in residential and commercial buildings in Gilbert, AZ and beyond.

Need your upholstery cleaned? No matter what type of fabric your upholstery is made of, we’ll clean it safely and efficiently using the same steam cleaning methods.

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 Why hire a professional carpet cleaning company?

Excel Floor Care is a carpet and upholstery cleaning company located in Gilbert, AZ. Hire us to tackle your carpet cleaning because we will:

  • Improve your home or building’s indoor air quality
  • Extend the life of your carpet flooring
  • Use environmentally-safe chemicals on your floors
  • Clean your carpet flooring in a timely manner

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